Surviving a Family Photoshoot

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Surviving a Family Photoshoot

(How to make your next family photo session a stress free one)


Family photos are truly timeless and such a great keepsake for future generations. Getting the family together to take those perfect portraits can turn into chaos if not approached correctly. There is usually a lot more to consider when it comes to a family photoshoot since there are members of all ages, which means that there is some extra coordination involved.

Below are some family photoshoot ideas and tips to keep you and your loved ones calm and smiling the whole way through.

  1. Timing is everything. If you have younger children involved in the shoot, try and arrange the photoshoot at a time when they would be well rested. A rested child makes for happy photos. On that note, make sure that all family members have gotten enough sleep the night before as this helps with the fun and relaxation aspects of the session.

  2. Dos and don’ts of bribery. Get your family excited about the photoshoot instead of offering a reward in return for their cooperation. This tends to lead to forced smiles and an irritated bunch of people. If you do have small children coming along it’s not a bad idea to give the photographer some bribery options in the form of toys or small food items to make those difficult moments a little easier

  3. Relinquish control. You may have the urge to direct your children on where to stand, and look and how to pose. It is very common for parents to try instruct their children to smile, remove fingers from mouths etc... unfortunately this can result in the parent not looking in the right direction, taking the childs attention away from the photographer or inadvertently pulling faces as they speak to their child as the shot is taken. it’s best to leave all that to the photographer as they know what will work best and can keep the childs attention. Not having this pressure will also make you feel more relaxed.

  4. It’s not just about the posing. The best photos happen when you’re having fun so joke and play with your children, hold your partner’s hand and just let the moments happen.

  5. Plan ahead. Discuss all of your requirements with your photographer beforehand so that the family photo session can just flow. Let your photographer know if you want specific pictures taken.

  6. Keep those sugar levels up. If everyone is well fed, the photoshoot will also run a lot smoother. It’s also not a bad idea to take a few snacks and some water along for those who might need it.


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