My "Why"

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As part of a course i am doing, i have been looking into my "Why". Why do i do photography?

Why do i choose to specialise in newborns? 

Why is it so important to me? 

After a bit of soul searching i decided on my answer and wanted to share it with you all so you get a little more insight into what is important to me and why it is that i do what i do.



See that chubby bubby right there on the left? Thats me. I dont know for sure, but going by my experience with babies I'm going to guess i am about three weeks to a month old in these snap shots. The top one is me & my Dad. The bottom is of me and my Mum taken at the same time.

The baby in the christening dress? Yep, you guessed it. Thats me too, with both my Mum and my Dad. 

Big eared baldy toddler playing in the shallows? Me and my Dad splashing on one of Sydney harbours beaches, where i would go on to spend many summer days of my childhood.


These four simple snapshots are my "why".


The two photos of my Dad and I - The ONLY two i have of us together where i am not an adult.

The picture of my Mum and I - The ONLY one i have, and that i have EVER seen of her and I together. 

The photo of my parents together at my baptism? The ONLY image in existence of me with both my parents. 


Thats it. That is all i have. And that is all i will ever have to pass on to my children. Neither of my parents have passed away, nor did we lack a camera when i was growing up. So why the lack of pictures?


The simple answer is because we are all just human. We can't predict the future. Neither of my parents were to know what the future would hold for us. They just didn't know the tremendous value these simple images would one day hold.


This unrealised value is what i try and impart on my clients. They know that they will love their prints when they get them and they are special because their baby is only this tiny for the shortest blink of an eye. But what they usually don't know when they first walk through that door, is how much the prints they receive will mean to them in the years and decades ahead of them.


One day - the images i take could be some of the most treasured items my clients own.


This is my why.

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