Week 1, 365 Blessings of a Newborn Photographer

January 05, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

O.K. so this week has been full of ups and downs. I knew this project would be harder some days then others but i really had a curve ball thrown at me this week. My 3 year old daughter fell from some play equipment and broke both bones in her forearm while i was out on a shoot. 
That aside, here are my first 5 daily blessings of 2014. I hope that even through the hardships you also have been able to find something to appreciate every day.

Wednesday Jan 1st
New years day i was blessed to be able to catch up with my step-sister and her family while they were nearby on holiday. The playdate for our kids was short but sweet and it was good to see them and meet my new nephew if only for a little while. This image is of My nephew Lucas and my son Connor playing together on the cricket rocker :)

Thursday Jan 2nd
This is the day my daughter broke her arm. Today i appreciated the courageous young girl my daughter is as she bravely waited for hours on end to have her arm cast. Even while she waited for the ambulance she was brave and was singing "the wheels on the bus" to keep her mind off the pain.

Friday Jan 3rd
I appreciated my clients understanding of me having to leave the session short, but was also fortunate enough to be able to provide him with a couple images that he could use until we could schedule a reshoot!

Saturday Jan 4th
Last night my husband and i were blessed to be able to have some time by ourselves to go and see "The desolation of Smaug" at the cinemas after a meal of Indian takeaway that we practically inhaled in the car before the movie because we were short on time lol! Mmmmm… Butter Chicken & Naan… Om Nom Nom!

Sunday Jan 5th
Today i was over at a friends place for our monthly session - I am so honoured and truly appreciative to be able to capture this little man as he reaches his milestones every month! This is his image for this month - Check out that smile!

Finally, my featured Image of the week comes from Steph.S and her blog "Straight-Out Steph" and her milestone of being able to sit in a food court and eat a meal for the first time in 8 months. Its the kind of thing so many of us take for granted and yet as uncomfortable as she felt doing it, she persisted. So my kudos to Steph for her being able to appreciate the positive outcome during a negative experience :)

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