Byrons Birthday Cake Smash Session!

July 05, 2013  •  Leave a Comment


This afternoon i had the ridiculously fun job of photographing Master Byron in a cake smash session to celebrate his first birthday!

In case you couldn't tell, i adore photographing children, and this session was no exception. Even though it had been cloudy for days and days leading up to Byrons cake smash, the shoot time rocked around and "Ta-da!" SUNSHINE!!! You could be forgiven for thinking it was a lovely summers day in these images - not the dead middle of winter that is actually was! Way to go QLD for turning on the charm when we needed it!

For this shoot i wanted to do something that set it apart from all the other cake smash sessions that are so popular these days, and so did mummy - Tyneale Hahn - so we brainstormed and came up with the idea of having a picnic cake smash session instead! Glorious sunshine, green grass, bunting... all the makings of a great setting!

Byron absolutely loved the bananas on his cake and was more interested in getting them than the actual cake itself! Once he had polished those off the little rugrat was on a warpath for the bush turkey who had been scratching around in the garden behind me. He kept RAH!'ing at it and chasing off after him on all fours across grass, cobbled path or garden bed! So cute! 

Anyways - Here is the sneak peek of Byron's cake smash session ft.big bro Kye :)  i hope you love it! I sure do!


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