2013 - E.K.McLeod Photography & the year that was...

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And what a year it was!

This year i hung up my retail sales assistant hat and threw myself wholly into this business. It was a scary thing to do let me tell you!

I couldn't have even considered it without the never-ending love and support of my wonderful husband. Honestly, the man is a saint. I am often asked how i manage to run a business and look after 2 small children and a household. The answer is i just can't. Not without him. Our family is blessed that he works 12 hour days on a rotating roster so he is only required to work 3 days a week. Every day he is not working (and even some days when he is) He helps with the kids, getting them fed and dressed, playing with them, he even does housework! And I'm not talking about just picking up the toys he is sick of walking over, no. This wonderful man of mine cooks, cleans, vacuums, sweeps, mops, washes dishes, cleans clothes, hangs up laundry, folds towels, mows the yard, and even goes grocery shopping with me every single time. He helps build props, clean backdrops, put together studio furniture, drive for hours interstate just to get me products for my studio. He always gives an honest opinion when i ask for critique on my work because I've simply been staring at the one image too long to be subjective about it. He is just amazing. So i could not very well write a blog post about my year in business without first paying tribute to the man behind the scenes. Not many of you get the chance to meet him, but he is the foundation of this operation and without him i would be lost. Thank you for all your hard work my love x.


This year i have found my photographic style, niche market and set my goals for the future. The response to my work has been truly overwhelming and I have been exponentially blessed as my clients and fans have expanded fourfold. I have had the good fortune to have been trusted to photograph some of the youngest little people in our world as well as families as they grow, and couples that have celebrated many decades of marriage. Every single session has taught me something, not just photographically, but in life. I really have the best job in the world and couldn't imagine my life doing anything else anymore.

I have a few businesses i would like to say a very special thank you to. Firstly Tyneale Hahn Makeup Artist, you have been a loyal colleague and friend through my journey and I look forward to working with you in the new year and spending time with you and your gorgeous boys.

Secondly i would like to thank Belinda Woodward from Belinda Woodward Photography for your friendship this year. Your encouragement and faith in me has been uplifting and i love sharing a mutual passion in our work. We will have to organise catchups outside work more often ;)

I would also like to thank Miss McCormick & her team of dedicated mothers from the Shayne McCormick Ballet Centre. My daughter started dancing under Miss McCormick's guidance this year, 20 Years after my brother-in-law danced on the very same stage under the same amazing woman. We have been so blessed to be welcomed into the SMBC family and had a fantastic year there. I have received so many lovely compliments about the images i took for the school calendar and am so pleased they were well received. I can't wait until next year to work with you all again! 

Lastly a quick mention to the following businesses for their ongoing support and patronage. Corinne from Housewife Couture, Amy from Fancy Pants, Andrea from A Stitch of Hope. Next year i am going to get to spend lots of time photographing your gorgeous families and i am so excited to watch your gorgeous girls grow :) 

I have put together a collage of each of my sessions this year, I had such a wonderful time meeting so many new people and preserving my clients legacy for their families future generations. I look forward to meeting many more new families next year and spending time with my existing families and capturing them as they grow xx

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