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Has anyone noticed the current trend in photography whereby its all about how many digital images you get with your session? 
Anyone who has had the photo professionally taken in the last couple of years will know what I'm talking about. You would have received a disc with all your favourite pictures from the session on it. You probably were so excited when you got it that straight away you ran to your computer and loaded them to Facebook to share with all your friends, yeah? What is your disc doing now? Collecting dust on a shelf? Or maybe you're not even sure where it is?
I have always been about providing a balance between the very best customer service i can at the best value for my clients. In the new year this is just as big a driving factor as it was when i started this business… but things are changing. I want to educate my clients on the value of their photographs, the legacy they are leaving for their children and even their children's children, and where that value truly lies.

Its a bit of a hot topic amongst experts with many test studies having been held on the subject, but the general consensus is that under ideal circumstances (kept in its dust case, out of direct sunlight, in a controlled humidity environment) your disc of images *should* last about 50 years. The reason why i say should is because more than 10% of the discs tested failed at the 50 year mark. Now thats not too bad… but that's under ideal storage circumstances. And that's assuming that in 50 years the current technology is supported by whatever technology we will be using then, and  that your family would even be able to retrieve the images from the disc.
Now we come to prints of your images. There is nothing that can compare to having a physical print to hang on your wall. I only trust  Kodak Professional Endura Premier paper with your prints. I have tested dozens of print labs and now only have your images printed by one of Australia's leading print labs and shipped from interstate to ensure that you have the highest quality reproduction of your images. Your prints have been tested to last the equivalent of 100 years of typical home display with minimal fading. Dust, sunlight, humidity - the works, your prints will stand the test of time. You can trust that your legacy is preserved for future generations of your family. 

So, back to providing the best possible value for my clients. I myself am guilty of following the trend and have always included digital copies for my clients. Moving forward i am bucking the digital trend. I am taking a stand against my clients having to pay for a dust collecting, shelf filling, glorified paperweight of a disc, just because that is what the majority of photographers in the market are doing.

To make beautiful family portraits more accessible to a larger variety of people, I am ditching packages. Thats right, no more "Inclusions". No I'm not crazy. I want every single one of my clients to feel like the individual that they are and so moving forward i will sit down and tailor every session around their desires, individually.

All you really want is one good family portrait on a large canvas for your living room?
I can do that!
You want a whole album of your newborns images printed at 6x4 with a two or three larger prints to send to loved ones and hang on your wall?  
Lets do it!
You just want handful of images of your kids to pop into frames around the home, and give to the grandparents for christmas/easter/mothers day/fathers day?
Consider it done!

There is no minimum purchase. You tell me what your budget is and together we will make it happen for you. I want to see your beautiful and unique family gracing the walls of your home. Not stuck on a disc on your shelf. 

"But Emma, i want to share these pics with my family via Email/Facebook/Blog! I need digital copies!"
Yeah you do! And i want you to have them! That's why for every print that you purchase, you will receive the related web sized digital image at absolutely no additional cost.

Your prints ordered through E.K.McLeod Photography are printed on the highest quality paper on the market, at a premier printing lab so i can guarantee each print will be clean, clear, crisp and true in colour. If you wish to purchase full resolution digital image files to be able to have printed yourself elsewhere, these are available to purchase too, but i honestly believe that for 99% of my clients these files are a waste of your hard earned money. 

I am not a salesperson here to make you spend money, i am your photographer and it is my goal to provide you with a gorgeous photographic keepsake to preserve your legacy for future generations. So why don't you pick up the phone, or drop me a message via my contact page or Facebook, and we can arrange a time to get together and talk about putting your legacy in print.

~ Emma

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